Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Introductions || Koshka

Last week I introduced you to our dog, Gunner! Today, I would like for you to meet Koshka. She was our first pet, and my "first born." Rob isn't too fond of her because she's kind of mean, but I still love her.
When we lived in our apartment in Surrey, the maintenance guy had to come by a few times to fix our stove and other things. He was a pretty old guy, and every single time he came, he always said the same thing. He would ask if we knew what kind of cat she was, and then explained how he had one just like her at home. Koshka got a lot of cuddles when the maintenance man came around.
We got Koshka from a friend of mine. Her cat showed up at her house one day, pregnant. We also knew from the beginning that she loved Rob. On the day we picked her up, Koshka stared at him for the entire drive home. She's not a meow-y cat, but when Rob arrived in Alberta 2 weeks after I did last year, she let out the loudest and longest cry we've ever heard from her. She missed him!
She too, is a bed hog. I get up for 2 minutes off the bed and she's right there in my spot (if Gunner isn't around, of course). Koshka and Gunner have a love-hate relationship. Gunner loves to play, but she is totally not interested. One day, I hope for them to cuddle or at least be in the same room as each other without one chasing the other.
I learned the hard way to not leave warm, clean towels on our bed while I go to work. They were covered in fur, and had to be rewashed. Such is cat-mom life. 

I hope you got to know Koshka a little better, as I also post a lot of pictures on my Instagram of her. If you came over, she'd sniff you out then run away. There's a small chance that she'd come back for some petting, but be prepared to be swiped after 3.78 seconds.

Do you have a cat? I'd love to be introduced!

xo. Nicole

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weeks End || September 29

1|| I received some snail mail and it was definitely the best one yet. I was venting to my friend about all the stress going on with my car, and arguments with people who had no idea what they were talking about. She put together a fun note with URLs to websites to help me calm down (I'll be sure to share!) and a bunch of little heart cutouts, each had a little note about her favourite things about me. It definitely made my day!
2|| Oh, Koshka. She always has to follow me in to certain rooms and disturb me. I'll be telling you a little bit more about her tomorrow on here! Stay tuned...

1|| You see him all the time on Instagram...introducing, Gunner!

1|| Shelby posted her current favourite five things. Would you be interested in following a blog series featuring comic books? 
2|| Amanda went on a blogger weekend trip. It looks like she made some lifelong friends, and had a blast! 
3|| Sam's posts always get me thinking deeply. It's needed every so often.
4|| Also, Sam's store samwish is getting rid of all their clothing stock. Everything is $5!!

We went camping over the weekend for the last time this year. We had a space heater in our tent which helped a LOT, I've never been so cold, though. My sister-in-law and I hardly got any sleep, and I've never shaken so much from the cold! My teeth were chattering and everything. When we got home, I promptly crawled in to my bed and slept for an hour.

As always, I'm linking up with Beth from Oak & Oats on her Week's End link up! There are always new blogs to visit, and new friends to make.

xo. Nicole

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Introductions || Gunner

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you'll know who this guy is. I'm pretty sure I give new moms a run for their money on the amount of dog pictures I post. His name is Gunner, and he's the sweetest dog you'll ever meet.
We got him when he was only 2 months old, and we've had quite an adventure with him. Gunner is high energy, as he's half black lab, and half american bull dog. We have countless visits to the dog park, and I'm always pestered when I get home to toss his toy around. As you can see in the top left picture, Gunner wore a t-shirt around his neck for a couple weeks as a puppy. One visit to the dog park went sour.
A husky bee-lined across the park and grabbed my little puppy around the neck when he was 3 months old. Gunner ended up having minor surgery for the puncture wound, but was a total trooper. To this day, I still get nervous when we go to the park. The owner of the husky was a total a-hole, and I made him pay the vet bill.
We haven't had any problems with other dogs since the attack, and I'm glad. I've heard horror stories of puppies who have been attacked, then are aggressive later in life. So far, so good! He thinks he's the size of our cats though, so he's always trampling little dogs without realizing it.
If I had to describe Gunner in only a few words, I would definitely use:
+ Bed hog
+ Cuddly
+ Playful
+ Energetic
We knew what we were getting ourselves in to when we got a lab, and the books were right about his energy. He's also the most cuddly dog, ever! We wouldn't change him for the world, and he really is like having a kid. We've dealt with the sick days, up all night tummy trouble, chewing things he shouldn't, and the amazing feeling we get when he's just SO excited to see us every time that we arrive home.
Coming up next week I'll introduce our cat, Koshka.

What are your animals like? I'd love to be introduced!

xo. Nicole