Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Julep || October

It had been a couple months since I hadn't clicked the "skip box" option, as we've been trying to save every last penny for some big things happening in the new year, but I had to order my maven box for October! I was running low on my darker Fall colours, and they had some cool options for add-ons!
I was most excited about the chevron nail stickers! I can finally do some nail art tutorials that include my favourite pattern. I also got an oxygen top coat, which I'm curious to try out. I received some free polish for adding on 3 items to my box.
The box was definitely oversized for what I received, but my guess is that they just ran out of smaller ones for the month. I also didn't receive my box until October 22, and I contacted Julep on the 20th. They explained that they are no longer doing business with APC, as they've had nothing but complaints and APC never sent Julep any tracking codes for the boxes going in to Canada. That means I also didn't receive a tracking code this time, which had me concerned that they didn't send my box. They did, and Julep felt bad that my box was taking so long and processed a refund.

My box came the day after they processed the refund, but they said to keep the box on them. I promptly used the refund to order the November Maven box, as the window to order opened up 2 days later! I'm looking forward to the November Maven box!

If you're interested, there's an affiliate button to the right (it says "I'm an IT Girl"). If you click it, you and I both get rewards if you order a box! Your first box is free with the code "FREEBOX"!

xo. Nicole

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week's End || October 27

1|| I will always love Scentsy, but it was too good of a deal to pass up a PartyLite warmer. Isn't it cute? It came with 5 different scents, all types that one would put in a pumpkin ;) Right now, it smells like Apple Cider in our bedroom!
2|| My friend at work randomly strolled in to our classroom, and dropped a sheet of Jamberry nails on my lap. I'll take 'em! She said she hadn't used these ones and had them sitting in her house forever, so she passed them along to me. I paired the floral print with a Julep nail polish, Lorenzana.

1|| I shared what I received from the 2014 Etsy Swap!
2|| A yummy, gluten free recipe for a dessert to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.
3|| Link up your favourite post from October - a new monthly feature!

1|| Sam shared their Tiny Home Timeline - a really good post for if you're building a tiny home.
2|| Yesterday's Jam - an outfit post.
3|| Getting rid of head lice using essential oils! Soo interesting, and I wish that's what was used when I was in grade 4.
4|| I want to share the PartyLite website with you, it's great for Christmas gifts and there's always really awesome deals going on. My consultant is Sarah Carreiro!

This past week went really well, though the work days felt long. Friday was rough on everyone, as none of the kids were really in to doing anything all day. It all got better after work when I went to babysit Rob's nephews and niece, and they left a big bottle of wine for me for after the kids went to bed. Bliss.

Regarding sharing the PartyLite website, I have been offered to host a party or online party. I'm definitely doing some of my Christmas shopping (less than 2 months away!!!) through them. There's lots of cute gift sets for the holidays! I guess my question here is, would you be interested if I hosted an online party? Would you come? If so, please let me know in the comments!

xo. Nicole

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Favourite Post Link up || October

October Favorite Post of The Month Linkup While browsing through some blogs one morning, I came across Ashley's little nook, Hello Nature. She hosted a link up where you could share your favourite post from the month. I jumped right on that, and now I am so happy to be a part of such a fun group project! This is a monthly feature on the last Sunday of each month. You'll have one week to link up. I'm excited to see all of your favourite posts from October!

Looking for Hosts
Want to host this link-up with us? We have one-time spots available and regular host spots as well! Just send Ashley an email at for more details!

This Month's Hosts
Ashley from Hello Nature, Lexy from Crazy Cass Life and Nicole from a la Maxfield

My favorite post from October:

My favourite post totally has to be Delicious Eats || Apple Butter!

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